The Care You Need, Now

We are available on an emergency basis for our existing patients and to those currently looking for a new dentist. If you are having a tooth or mouth problem, or have had one in the past, please call our office so that we can help you receive the care you need. We can help determine what is wrong and work with you to achieve an effective solution. Our primary goal is to relieve your pain in conjunction with an optimal treatment plan to restore health and function. If necessary, we can refer you to one of our trusted specialists to provide the best individualized care possible.

A true dental emergency can seriously impact your overall health. Dental infections that cause swelling can impair the airway and prevent you from breathing normally or at all. These serious infections can be life-threatening and require immediate surgical intervention and possibly admittance to the hospital. They are normally managed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon along with your dentist to treat the underlying cause of infection.

Broken Tooth and Other Oral Damage

Other dental emergencies occur from trauma to the face or jaws or from fractured or severely decayed teeth. The severity of these can vary and it is important to contact a dentist as soon as possible to try to achieve the best outcome. If a whole tooth is knocked out of the mouth, always try to hold the tooth by the crown and to not touch the root. If it is dirty, gently rinse the tooth free of debris and try to reinsert it, if possible. Contact us immediately so we can assess for other fractures and splint the damaged tooth to other, more stable teeth or try to insert it correctly. If you cannot reimplant the tooth, store it in a container or bag filled with water or your saliva. Keeping it moist and reimplanting it within a timely manner can often save an avulsed, or knocked out, tooth. If a tooth is chipped or broken and is causing serious pain, contact us to set up an appointment to evaluate and treat the broken tooth or teeth.

Dental Device Replacement and Repair

Lost crowns or fillings or broken dentures and partials can often be fixed quickly, or at least managed until a permanent solution can be obtained. If the tooth is still free of decay and the crown fits well, it can be recemented in our office. If a filling is lost or broken, we can often replace or repair it permanently. We can also repair most dentures and partials in our office, but will occasionally have to send them back to a certified dental lab for extensive repairs.