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Family Dentistry
Dublin, OH

Family dental patients at Tuttle Crossing Dental Group in Dublin, OHOral care is important for everyone, adults and children alike. However, brushing and flossing regularly at home are not enough. Children are more susceptible to cavities, and even the most diligent adults can still miss certain areas, increasing the risk for gum disease and tooth decay. At Tuttle Crossing Dental Group, Dr. Ryan Davis provides family dentistry services, helping to keep mouths of all ages clean and healthy.

Cleanings and Exams

Routine cleanings and dental exams are an important part of preventative maintenance. We recommend that you visit us twice a year for these procedures. First, we clean by using specialized tools to scrape the surfaces of your teeth, between your teeth, and just under the gum line. Then we polish your teeth to a brilliant shine.

After your cleaning, we perform a thorough exam, where we check your teeth and gums for signs of tooth decay, chips, cracks, and gum disease. During your exam, Dr. Ryan Davis will also screen for oral cancer. We use an intraoral camera so that you can see exactly what we see while we work.

Fluoride and Sealants

Fluoride and sealants are frequently provided to children, who are more prone to cavities than adults, but adults can benefit from these treatments as well. Fluoride is a mineral that is essential for the strength of your enamel and combating acids produced by oral bacteria. We apply a fluoride gel, which allows the mineral to absorb directly into the teeth.

Sealants are used on the chewing surfaces of your molars. The space between the cusps of your molars forms deep crevices that are difficult to keep clean, and therefore perfect breeding grounds for bacteria to cause decay and cavities. With sealants, we effectively close these gaps, keeping out bacteria and making your back teeth easier to keep clean.

Dental X-rays

In our office, Dr. Ryan Davis utilizes digital x-rays, whether they are used to get a general picture of the inside of your mouth or as a diagnostic tool. Digital x-rays generate up to 95% less radiation than traditional x-rays and rely on electronic technology. We place a sensor in your mouth, and images are displayed immediately on the computer monitor. We can zoom in on certain areas and enhance them, as well as display in color, which helps us to spot trouble early, and stop it before it gets worse. These images can then be stored in a digital file for easy recall at your next appointment.

Restorative Care

If your tooth is damaged, Dr. Ryan Davis provides restorative services for adults and children alike. We can perform fillings with either amalgam or composite resin for cavities, root canal therapy in the event of an infection, or gum disease therapy if you are plagued with a more advanced stage of gum disease.


At Tuttle Crossing Dental Group, we understand that dental visits, even just for a cleaning and exam, can make you, or your child, nervous. In fact, this anxiety is what keeps most patients out of the dentist's chair. In skipping your visits, you are putting your oral health at risk. To make you more comfortable to have your dental procedures done, we can provide you with sedation. For cleanings and exams, we can use a very light form of sedation, known as nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Dental sedation can also be a very effective tool to help nervous children relax so that we can properly clean their teeth or fill a cavity.

With visits to our office at least twice a year, Dr. Ryan Davis can help you and your children to maintain optimal oral health. Call Tuttle Crossing Dental Group at (614) 798-0083 today to schedule your appointment!

5155 Bradenton Ave, Suite 110, , Dublin, OH 43017

(614) 798-0083
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